Shelby’s Kentucky Kitchen Table

The meal was taken place at my hometown, Radcliff, Kentucky on March 30, 2019. My family and I had a wonder family breakfast with my older brother’s girlfriend. My dad’s name is Ed grew up in Hawaii and was always getting into something when he was younger. Now he is one of those very opinionated old men. He is just very into anything political and more on the conservative side of thinking. While my mom, Becky is from a small, farming community in Ohio. She tends to look at both side of thinking. She always tries to be understanding of were others are coming from and then putting in her own input. My older brother, Aaron is like my dad when it comes to political issues or hot topics. He is also naturally smart which makes him think he is always right. My younger brother, Casey is only 15 years old and a shy kid who has little to say. He is still trying to figure out who he is and not really paying attention to what is going on in the world. My older brother’s girlfriend, Richelle is the same age as I am. She comes from a very open-minded family and is very open to everyone’s’ option and respects where they are coming from. The final person was myself, Shelby, along with my brothers I grew up in the same community, but I am the only child who is attending college. I would view myself as an open-minded person and trying to see all sides of a situation like my mom does.

When asked about what it is to be a citizen beyond voting and paying taxes, everyone around the table agreed on one main that that being a part of the community. Then I asked what they mean by being a part of a community and how involved should a person be. My dad and Aaron stated how it depends on the person you are on being involved in the community even if it is a small effort to better the community. Then they both brought up the topic of immigrants and how they take up resources for actual US citizens. Aaron stated how he doesn’t care if people come into the country, his problem is all the social issues some immigrants bring like bringing in drugs into the US. That is the reason he supports the reason why and that he would not mind if he does to pay more taxes just to make that action happen. While all this was happening, my mom was trying to mediate the situation while also putting in her option. While my little brother sides a little funny comment here and there and Richelle telling Aaron that his a conservative and close-minded. Through every topic we hit during dinner, my dad and Aaron continually stated how kids who go into college be come liberal with all the liberal professor we have.

From the repeated liberal comment made me think how people’s background and experiences makes them see things differently. My brothers and I were al raised in the same community all our lives and were raised the same way. But we all have different options about certain topics. Especially between my older brother and I, Aaron is more conservative view thinking while I am more liberal view thinking. I wonder why that is, is it because the different types of people we are round or is it because how we are exposed differently to the same topic? Having this conversation with my family and Richelle opened my eyes to how people will experience the same event but will see totally different viewpoints. With my family I can see maybe why I am more liberal than the rest of my family is maybe because since I attend college, I am more exposed to all different kinds of people. But with people who I am around back at school will always have different ways of viewing things then I will. The lesson I learned from this, shows me how people will view the same situation differently from my own. Which relates to the central question in HON 251. Even though, people can come from different or same backgrounds or view things differently, it could open up other’s eyes to how people feel about situations. From this people can come together to figure out solution to problem so that we can have more say over our lives and how was can live better together as a community or society.

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