Jordan and I went together to visit Mr. and Mrs. Youngman bringing a cookie cake to contribute. As soon as we pulled up their dogs rushed out to greet us, both exceptionally large and lovable in their own right.We introduced ourselves and proceeded to the dining room to continue the unwritten formalities. I tend to be more withdrawn and happily allowed Jordan to steer the conversation for the first couple minutes. Soon enough Mr. Youngman asked about our career interests and once I revealed that I aspire to work in the diplomatic service with the State Department and the conversation quickly changed to politics. Though most of the time never explicitly stating his opinion, I could tell we disagreed on a range of issues. Regardless, the entire dinner remained civil and friendly. I loved his pets, I miss my own dogs dearly and it was a joyous surprise to be surrounded by furry creatures. The food was delicious as well- a welcome change from typical campus food. I can honestly say that would had to have been some of the best chicken I’ve ever had, I would gladly eat it again given the chance. I enjoyed the environment of being able to freely convey and receive thought without much interruption, and I always take an elder’s opinions very seriously. Thankfully it appeared our hosts very much liked cookie cake, as soon as I was able to visualize the artwork called our meal I felt that we had done a very inadequate job. We ended up staying for about three hours talking through all sorts of issues, most social ones it seemed we agreed on. Mr. Youngman talked for a short time on his military career and one particular story about working in a place in Latin America that didn’t speak Spanish- a language he seemed to have a very large understanding of. He and his wife both seemed content with their current lifestyle, to me looking to be slow and peaceful. For a long time due to the military it seemed like they were at a much faster pace. It made me happy when they mentioned trying for a short while to not have a dog but to no avail, and how their beautiful cat had been rescued off the road by Mr. Youngman and nourished back up to good health. I feel like this was a great chance to interact with the local community of Bowling Green and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I always have liked hearing differing views or good stories of times where I did not yet exist and was able to receive a plethora of both. As we left they invited us back and I never dreamed that I would seriously consider taking them up on that offer, but after so much more campus food I actually am. I am thankful for having had the opportunity to have gotten to chat with such delightful people, I wish them the absolute best and hope to see them again someday in the future.


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